Herb links

Ambergris: A Pathfinder and Annotated Bibliography, by Randy J. Ralph

Rockroses: Ambergris of the Vegetable Kingdom (an excellent article about the growth and history of the rock rose from which labdanum comes)

Sekanjabin and Oxymel, by Jehanne de Huguenin

Botanical Medicine Information Resources
Collected by the Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which also has a searchable subset of Medline mounted on their site.

The Monk's Herb Garden: from The Virtual Abbey site. Clickable photo has links to some material on the various plants.

Cosmetics in Period, from The Ultimate Costuming Site: Links to short articles on Byzantine and Middle Eastern cosmetics as well as Henna. Not a great site, or well maintained.

Herbs as medicine and spice in the Middle Ages. An overview article listing different herbs with putative uses in the middle ages. No references cited.

Page of Illuminations on Science and Medicine from the Bibliotheque National of France.

Illustration of the Frontispiece to Parkinson's Paradisi en Sole.

Islamic Medical Manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine: information on Islamic medical manuscripts, background material and scanned images.

Bach Flower Remedies: chart of what each of these popular homeopathic mixtures is good for.

Medieval Times: Plants & Herbs. A chart of some common plants/herbs with scanned illustrations from woodcuts, growth habits, notes on use. No references cited.

BBC Medicine through Time companion website. Some very simplified information about medicine, public health, etc. in different periods. Very attractively presented, good for working with kids. Watch out for oversimplification, though.

The Household Cyclopedia, a nineteenth century home reference book, transcribed to the web. Many useful recipes.

Culinary Herb FAQ: info about growing and using culinary herbs. Created by contributors to an Internet newsgroup.

The Natural Pharmacist: an interesting and thoughtful collection of scientific information on natural remedies, including herbs. Includes information from the Natural Health Bible, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition. Includes journal article references in the articles.

Clinical Herb Manuals, by Michael Moore. Materia Medica, formulas, contraindications, etc. Reliability not vouched for.