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Class Handouts, Articles, Documentation, etc.

(Primarily directed at Society for Creative Anachronism members- by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa/Jenne Heise)

Class Handouts

Making Herbal Preparations
An outline of instructions for creating various basic herbal preparations
Scents of the Middle Ages
A handout for a class on various uses of scented materials in the Middle Ages
Making Medieval-style Scented Oils and Waters
A handout and background for a hands-on class.
Hair Care Recipes
Some pre-17th c. recipes for hair care products and treatments.
Herbal Sallets and Green Pottages
A handout for a class on raw and cooked greens as food, pre 1650.
Making Medieval Mustards
Class notes: medieval mustard recipes, instructions on making your own mustard from scratch.
Making Mustard the Medieval Way-- A Youth class
Instructions and handout for a class directed at pages and children's program
Spices from the East
Class handout for a class on spices, last updated 2/11/01
Local Spices: Savory Seeds in The Middle Ages
This companion to the Spices from the East handout discusses the use of herb seeds that could be grown in Northern Europe in medicine, seasoning, etc.
Medieval and Renaissance Gardens
Handout for a class on medieval/renaissance garden design. Outline with quotes, bibliography.
Incorporating Medieval Garden Ideas into Your Yard or Encampent
Women and Medicine in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
An overview of both 'women's medicine' and women practicing medicine in the period. Bibliography.
A Short History of Bathing before 1601
Herb Crafts [for string people and others]
A class outlining a number of recipes for herb crafts which I taught at Hrim Schola.
Eastern European Herbs and Spices
An outline of the scanty information I've been able to collect about the use of Herbs and Spices in medieval Eastern Europe.
Herbal Court Customs

Other class handouts are available on Jadwiga's Page.

Other handouts and articles

Sage Treatise, submitted to the Laurel Challenge in Carolingia.
Text and PDF with special font; text with notes in PDF
Medieval Herbs and Spices: a Booklist
A number of references that I've used in my research, some with annotations
A selection of herbs used in the middle ages
A short handout to be used in conjunction with a scratch'n'sniff style herb display
Jadwiga's Stillroom Booke
A compilation of information on medieval herb use.
Scented Handwaters For Feasts and Dayboards
An article on making and using scented waters for medieval/renaissance-style handwashing before and/or after meals. Period documentation, recipes
Medieval Herbs for the Very Small Garden
An article targeted at beginning herbalists/herb gardeners, describing a few herbs and how to grow them in a small space. Gives some documentation on uses. (Also see Jadwiga's Stillroom Booke)
Some Medieval Spices [you've never heard of...] article
Adapted from the Eastern Spice class.

Documentation & Projects

Medieval and Renaissance Dentifrices and Mouthwashes
A selection of medieval mouth- and tooth-care products, re-created.
Eggs Dyed with Period Dyestuffs
A selection of eggs dyed with various period dyestuffs, mostly for red and yellow shades. Also some documentation on egg-dyeing in the middle ages and Renaissance.
Anti-Gas Cordial
A non-sweetened brandy cordial designed to be pleasant to sip and also have carminative and digestive effects.
Queen of Hungary Water: some experiments in perfumery
Documentation for I put together on my process of researching and trying to re-create this possibly period perfume.
A sleep pillow recipe from Ram's Little Dodoen
Adapted from an Arts&Sciences competition entry
Recipes for Aquavitae from French's Art of Distillation, 1653.
Only three so far. I may add more sometime.
Rosewater Recipes from various period sources
If you get a chance to try any of these, please let me know. I haven't had enough roses to try them yet.


How to make Comfits
How to make sugared seeds (Renaissance digestives/breath mints)
Jadwiga's Pickled Mushrooms
A recipe for the pickled mushrooms I bring to events. Loosely similar to Digby's pickled mushroom recipe but my own creation.
A sleep pillow recipe from Ram's Little Dodoen
Adapted from an Arts&Sciences competition entry
Green Mustard Sauce--A re-created recipe adapted from something in Food and Drink in Medieval Poland, which seems to be based on a combination of a medieval green sauce and mustard.!Questionably period but yummy.
Black Grape Sauce
Black Pepper Sauce
Tournai Style Cameline Sauce
Parsley Sauce
Green Sauce (spicy)
White Garlic Sauce
Yellow Sauce (Poivre Jaunet)
Sauce for Pigeons (salsa-like)
Other Recipes

Other Resources

Links to Herb Information on the Web
A wide variety of herb sites on the web that I've found helpful or interesting.

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Magickal/Pagan Herb resources

(not suitable for SCA or historical research!)
Aunt Bunny's 10 Favorite Magickal Herb Uses
Some suggestions for pagan/wiccan/magickal uses of herbs.

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