Herbal & Apothecary Symposium

Ocober 12, 2002

Maplewood, NJ / Settmour Swamp

Come share a day of herb and apothecary related activities, classes and meetings, co-organized by Settmour Swamp and the EK Herbalists & Apothecaries' Guild.

Classes on herbs, gardens, stones, medieval medicine and other herbal/apothecary topics, a display, a poster session, a guild meeting, the opportunity to explore a wonderful herb garden and a dayboard will make this a don't-miss experience. Durand-Heddon House will have its "Country Store" open with a selection of herbal books in the afternoon.

The Site opens at 9 am for setup; 10 am for classes and closes at  4 pm; anyone still around at 4:30 will be thanked for helping clean up.

There will be a 'poster session' area where people can display pictures of what they've done with their gardens, or pictures of other medieval type gardens if they have them! We ask that you bring your pictures already mounted on stiff cardboard or posterboard (and labelled) for ease of hanging.

There will be a fundraiser for TISANE, the quarterly newsletter of the EKHAG: tickets 25¢ each, 5 for $1 (prize donations gratefully received). For more information, ask the Chronicler at newbrg@aol.com

Classes will begin at 10:00 and run about an hour each, with a 15 minute break between classes. We are looking for teachers, please contact Jadwiga at jenne.heise@gmail.com or 610-432-2546.

 Tentative Class Schedule (subject to change)

Time Class Track 1 Class Track 2 (Gardening Class Track 3 Messy Class Area
10:00-11:00 Herbal First Aid (Annys Wolf) Medieval Gardens (Jadwiga)

11:15 to 12:15 Basic Herb Gardening (Rhianwen)
Plants as Pigments for Period Illumination (Paigan)
Strewing Herbs and Scented Handwaters (Johanna)
12:30 to 1:30  Use of Gems in Period Medicines and Amulets (Carowyn) Propagating Woody Herbs & Irises (Merlinia)
Cooking from Period Sources (Brighid)
Herbal Salves (Sulis, Selene and Sorcha)-- $3 materials fee
1:45 to 2:45 Traditional Chinese Medicinel (Sulis)
Creating Your Own Medieval Garden (Briana McBain)
Period Dyestuffs (Berelinda and Rhiannon)
Herbal Vinegars [TBA]
 3:00 to 4:00 Resources on Period Herbalism (Johanna) Roman Gardens, including British-Roman Gardens (Merlina)
Drinking with Herbs and Spices (Richard the Poor)

Poster Session and Display area

We'll be providing space for both a poster session display and a standard herb-related A&S display.

The poster session is the perfect place to show off your garden (or specific plantings!), since it's difficult to transport your entire yard to an event but pictures, plans and drawings (as well as photos of A&S processes) can be shared in a display. We'd like to see photos (and drawings/plans) attached to a standard-size piece of posterboard. These can be of specific elements of your herb garden (or your windowsill plantings!) or of the garden as a whole, or about a process such as wreath or salve-making that it'sdifficult to demonstrate all at once. Please label the pictures (at least with the names of the plants) and provide your name and contact information. If you want to bring a takeaway sheet with copies of your information, that would be appreciated.  This is your chance to show off what you do, for
other people to look at. 

The A&S display will accomodate more traditional A&S projects as well, such as foods or herbs to sample, things to smell, dye swatches, or other projects. Notes/documentation are a help, and please include your name so people can compliment you! Comments sheets for the A&S displays will be provided. It is allowed and even encouraged to have both a poster and a display on the same subject.


Woman's Club of Maplewood, 60 Woodland Road Maplewood, NJ  07040
The event will be housed in two lovely and accessible sites.  At the main event site, the Woman's Club, will are located Troll, class signup sheets, "Neat" classes, changing rooms, poster area, and the Day Board.  The Maplewood Garden Club and the Durrand-Heddon House Museum have graciously made available to us the extensive DH House Herb Garden for "in situ" identification, the Meadow for "messy" classes, and bathrooms in the Museum itself.  This is a short walk from the Womens' Club.  A Shuttle can be made available for the handicapped.  There is limited onsite parking, and plenty of parking on quiet streets.


Day Board will run from 12 noon to 2 pm, with light refreshments and drinks available all day.  The Kitchen shall be headed by Baron Irik, and will produce dishes from all over the Knowne World and beyond, featuring various herbs and spices.  (Both vegetarian and meat dishes will be available; recipes will be provided).

Cost & Reservations

Reservations are $10 adult, $5 for 14 and under.  Make checks out to Barony of Settmour Swamp, SCA, Inc.  Send reservations to: Mistress Baroness Merlinia,OM,OC,BT,ST.  c/o J.W.Shaver, 147 Franklin Ave., Maplewood, N.J.,07040-3201. Please send along both SCA and Mundane names of each person.  Also, to receive a listing of classes, please send an SASE.  In order to accommodate everyone, Pre-registration is strongly advised!  Deadline is Fri. Oct. 4th.-- However, the deadline is ONLY for mailings. Please feel free to let us know via email or phone that you are coming!

The Autocrats are:

Classes & pertinent info:
Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (mka Jennifer Heise)
610-432-2546 or email jenne.heise@gmail.com.
Site & Troll:  Mistress Baroness Merlinia,OM,OC,BT,ST.
c/o J.W.Shaver, 147 Franklin Ave., Maplewood, N.J.,07040-3201
1(973) 762-2554.  Email:merlinia@comcast.net

Class descriptions:

Basic Herb Gardening
A class talking about common herbs that you can find either in stores as seeds or in catalogs, which ones would have been used in period (European), and how to grow them, including harvesting, saving seeds, etc.  Keeping with common stuff like thyme, sage etc. Some recipes and samples may be included.
Chinese Medicine (Sulis)
Fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine
Creating Your Own Medieval Garden
Gems in Period Medicine
Herbal First Aid (Annys)
A variety of herbal first-aid remedies for common
Herbal Salves
How to create your own salves from herbs, oils and beeswax. One or two salves will be made in class.
Medieval Gardens (Jadwiga Zajaczkowa)
Take a look at the basic elements of medieval and Renaissance gardens, along with some of the construction techniques, plants, and tools. Handout, pictures. Also dig through picture books and resources on medieval gardens.
Plants as Pigments for Period Illumination
Propagating Woody Herbs & Irises (Merlinia)
Resources on Period Herbalism (Johanna Le Mercer)
Strewing Herbs and Scented Handwaters (Johanna Le Mercer)


From the West:

Take I 78 East
Follow from * (below)

From the North West

I 80 to I 287 South
I 287 South to RT.  24 East
Rt.  24 East to I 78 East ? Always take Local Lanes.  When merging onto I 78 East - immediately get into the far Right Lane.  Follow From * (below)

From the Northeast

Garden State Parkway South to Exit 142 To I 78 West Follow from ** (below)

From the South

Garden State Parkway North
Get into the Right hand lane as you go through the Union Tolls.  Take the 1st Exit immediately after the tolls
Follow signs to I 78 West (This will put you on I 78 East and you will do a U turn at the first Exit) Follow from ** (below)

From the East

I 78 West Local Lanes.  Cross over GSP follow from ** (below)

*I 78 East to Exit 49B 124 East Maplewood ? This is the second option of Exit 49.  Merge onto 124 East - Springfield Ave.  Take the 2nd Right hand turn opportunity -Valley St.  towards the Oranges, Montclair (This is a Jughandle to make left across Springfield Ave)

Proceed through the Light at Springfield Ave.  onto Valley St.  At the 4th Light make Left onto Baker St.
Follow From *** (below)

** Take Exit 50 B towards Millburn / Maplewood.  At light at end of ramp Make right onto Vauxhall Rd At 3rd Light make Right onto Valley St.  At 3rd Light make Left onto Baker St.  Follow from *** (below)

*** Proceed on Baker St, cross under RR At Stop Sign make Right onto Maplewood Ave.  At the Valley National Bank Sign, Clock, Thermometer (on right)
Make Left onto Durand Rd.  Make 1st Right onto Woodland Rd.
Women's Club of Maplewood is 1 block up on the Left on the corner of Woodland Rd and Inwood Rd.

Public Transportation.

The site is up the street from the Maplewood Train Station.  NJTransit connects it to NYC, Newark, and Hoboken via the Morris & Essex lines.  For times, etc., call (In NJ) 1(800)772-2222; out of state 1(973)762- 5100.

Event Website: