Yule 2002 Plan


8:00 Am: pick up bread

10:00 AM arrive at Juliana's

10:00-10:15 cut tops off turnips, start boiling

10:15-10:30: Chop onions, parsley for egredouce

10:30-10:45     Start browning pork for egredouce, cool.
Check Turnips

10:45-11:00: Chop pork
Prep Next batch of turnips.
When turnips are done, drain and put outside to cool, while starting a new batch.

11:00:  Start first batch of egredouce cooking

11:00: Start peeling apples for rapeye


Noon: get into kitchen
12:05 Start cooking Lentils

1:15 put roasts in oven

1:45 put armored turnips in oven