165.               Pottage Called Peach Dish
De Nola 
You will take the peeled peaches, and cut them into slices, and cook them in good fat broth; and when they are cooked, take a few blanched almonds and grind them; and when they are well-ground, strain them rather thick with that broth. And then cook this sauce with sugar and a little ginger, and when it is cooked, cast in enough pot-broth or that which falls from the roasting-spit.  And let it stew well for a little; and then prepare dishes, and upon each one cast sugar; and in this same way you can make the sauce of quinces in the same manner; but the quinces need to be strained with [the] almonds, and they should not be sour, and likewise the peaches.

About 20-30 large peaches
Chicken base for Broth
1-1.5 cups of blanched raw almonds
2-3 cups of sugar
2 tbsp of powdered ginger

  1. Peel and slice peaches
  2. Cook peaches in light chicken broth (1/4 strength) until done.
  3. Drain and reserve liquid
  4. Grind almonds. Mix with 1 q reserved liquid; let sit for 15 minutes and strain out almonds to make a thick almond milk
  5. Cook almond milk with sugar and ginger to make a syrup.
  6. Add more of the reserved liquid, if necessary, to make enough liquid to surround the peaches.
  7. Serve up and sprinkle sugar over top.