170. Parsley DISH


You must take a great quantity of parsley, and cloves, and being well-mixed , grind it very vigorously with a crustless piece of white bread; and strain it in such a manner that all the juice comes out very thick; and cast in a great strength of ginger, and of cinnamon, and grind it all together; and if you wish to cast in sugar, let it be according to your will; and make it be quite thick and quite green, and do not make it boil because it would lose all its greenness; and then cast on sugar or honey.

Cut the ends off 2 bunches (9 bunches) of parsley and grind together in the food processer to a liquefied state.

Peel the crusts off of 1 piece (5 pieces) of white bread and grind them up together with the parsley.

Force the liquid through a collander, removing all the large pieces.

Season the resulting liquid with 2 tsps (4 tsps) of ginger and 1 1/2 tsp of ceylon cinnamon (3 tsp)

Grind the mixture again in the food processor.

Add 3 tsp sugar.

When dishing up, add a spoonful or so of honey to the top of each bowl.