Mustard with Beef Broth

153. Mustard (124) [de Nola]


You must take mustard seed, and clean it of the dust and the soil and the stones, and grind it well in a mortar; and when it is ground, strain it through a cloth strainer; and then take the mustard powder and put it in a mortar with a crustless piece of bread soaked in meat broth, and grind it all together; and when it is well-ground, blend it with a little bit of lean broth without fat which is well-salted; and when it is blended in a good manner so that it is not too thin, take honey which is good, and melted on the fire, and cast it in the mortar and stir it well until it is well-mixed, and prepare dishes. Some cast a little vinegar in the broth; you can add peeled, toasted almonds, ground-up with the mustard.

4-5 cups beef broth from base
1 slice bread, crumbled
1/2 lb mustard flour
1/2 lb crushed mustard seed
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup red wine vinegar

Make up the broth, and mix in mustard flour and mustard seed to a thick but still liquid consistency.
Put bread crumbs in a food processor and add some of the mustard liquid, and process. Return to main mixture.
Add honey and vinegar to taste.

Note: this mustard is more similar to the mustards mentioned in the Andalusian manuscript, as it uses broth rather than grape products. To our more Western tastes, it is significantly different from what we expect. I made it up with yellow mustard, as comparable recipes from the Andalusian use yellow ("white") mustard seed.