5. Another Modern Pottage: OTRO POTAJE MODERNO

Take the fleshy leaves of the bledas (61) which is chard, and clean them very well; and give them a brief boil with water and salt, so that they come out half-cooked. And then remove it from the fire, and remove more than half of the broth; and return it to cook on the fire with a little good sweet oil; and when they are cooked, taste them for salt; and then prepare dishes and cast good grated cheese upon them, and also cast some of this cheese beneath them; and they are good for Lent, if you have a dispensation. (62)

Cut the stems and ribs out of 12 bunches of chard (retain for lentil dish)
Wash and rip into pieces.
In a heavy pot, put the chard and enough water to cover them.
Salt the water
Boil, stirring from time tto time until chard is bright green.
Pour out about 2/3 of the water.
Add about 2 cups of olive oil
Cook on medium until chard is fully cooked and starting to turn dark.
Serve in bowls with cheese on the side.