Millet Polenta
for Convivencia 2, Shire of Silver Rylle

Original from Granado, trans. by Brighid ni Chairain
Para hazer escudilla de mijo, o de panizo machado -- To make a dish of millet, or of chopped panic-grass

Take the millet, or chopped panic-grass, clean it of dust, and of any other filth, washing it as one washes semolina, and put it in a vessel of earthenware or of tinned copper with meat broth, and cause it to cook with stuffed intestines in it, or a piece of salted pig's neck, to give it flavor, and when it shall be cooked, mingle with it grated cheese, and beaten eggs, pepper, cinnamon, and saffron. (You can also cook the said grains with the milk of goats or cows.) And after they shall be cooked with broth, letting them thicken well, they shall be removed from the vessel and shall be left to cool upon a table, or other vessel of wood, or of earthenware, and being quite cold, they shall be cut into slices, and shall be fried with cow's butter in the frying-pan, and serve them hot with sugar and cinnamon on top.

Bring to a boil, covered, and then reduce the heat very low and simmer until very soft and creamy.

Stir over heat, until a thick mush results.
Dump it out into a rectangular plastic chinese food container and leave on the counter to cool.
Refrigerate overnight, uncovered.

To finish:
Turn polenta out of container.
Slice into 1/4"-1/3 " thick and 2x4" slices
Fry it in butter in nonstick skillets, trying for a nice uniform browning on both sides (3-4 minutes).
Serve hot.