From De Nola:

Take blanched almonds and peel them, and grind them in a mortar, and blend them with good hen's broth; and then take new raisins, and clean them well of the seeds, and grind them by themselves and strain them through a woolen cloth; and after they are strained, mix them with the almonds, and put everything in the pot where it must cook; and put sugar and a little ginger in that same way, and set it to cook, constantly stirring it with a stick of wood. And when it is cooked, put a little lemon juice, and then stir it a little with the wooden stirrer so that the lemon juice is well-mixed within it. And then dish it out and cast fine sugar on the dishes.

1/4 to 1/3 cup almonds (5.5 cups); ground up in a food processor.
Blend in 1 cup  (8 cups) chicken broth from chicken base, or plain water for vegetarian version; heat on low.
Grind 2/3 cup (11 cups) of raisins in the food processor
Mix with the broth/almond mixture
Add 1 tsp salt and pinch of ginger.
Cook on medium-low, stirring constantly, for about 5 minutes, or until it has thickened.
Mix in 2 tsp (1 cup) of lemon juice.
Remove from heat.

To serve, place in dishes and sprinkle on a little sugar.