You must take meat and cut it into pieces the size of a walnut, and gently fry it with the fat of good bacon; and when it is well gently fried, cast in good broth, and cook it in a casserole; and cast in all fine spices, and saffron, and a little orange juice or verjuice, and cook it very well until the meat begins to fall apart and only a little broth remains; and then take three or four eggs beaten with orange juice or verjuice, and cast it into the casserole; and when you wish to eat, give it four or five stirs with a large spoon, and then it will thicken; and when it is thick, remove it from the fire; and prepare dishes, and cast cinnamon upon each one. However, there are those who do not wish to cast in eggs or spice, but only cinnamon and cloves, and cook them with the meat, as said above, and cast vinegar on it so that it may have flavor; and there are others who put all the meat whole and in one piece, full of cinnamon, and whole cloves, and ground spices in the broth, and this must be turned little by little, so that it does not cook more at one end than the other. And so nothing is necessary but cloves and cinnamon, and those moderately.

 Obviously it's meant to be made with lamb, mutton or goat meat but it doesn't say that, and besides, if de Nola uses all that bacon, there's got to be some pig bits around somewhere. So I tried it with pork.

About 2.5 to 3 lb pork shoulder roast, cut into 1-1.5" chunks
Fry 5-6 pieces of bacon ends in a pan to make the grease, then brown the pork  chunks in that.
The pork chunks then went into the pot with about 1 quart of beef broth made from beef base.
7-8 whole cloves
1 tsp  cinnamon, broken up
1/2 tsp cassia
pinch grains of paradise
about 1/3 cup bitter orange juice
about 2 tbsp verjuice

Put it to simmer all day, until the meat is falling apart and the liquid is somewhat reduced.