Convivencia, February 21, 2004

Pork and Cheese Sausages

Granado (Translation and Redaction by Brighid ni Chairain)

Rellenos de diversas maneras de la carne magra del puerco fresco
You will take ten pounds of the said meat without bones, without hide, and without nerves, fat and lean, and chop it with a knife upon a table, adding eight ounces of ground salt, six ounces of sweet dry fennel, four ounces of cracked pepper, one ounce of ground cinnamon, half an ounce of chopped cloves, and mix it all very well with your hand, adding four ounces of cold water and mint, and chopped marjoram, and let it all rest for four hours in a vessel of earthenware, or wood in a cool place, and take the membrane of the same pig well cleaned of hair, and soften it with tepid water, and from the said mixture with the membrane, make the sausages in the shape that you wish, and let them rest for two days in a dry place, and then roast them in a frying-pan with lard, or with melted fatty bacon, and serve them hot.
With the same mixture you can stuff the pig's intestines, having first kept them in salt, and after two days they can be eaten. From the same well-chopped lean meat you can make sausages with the membrane or with the intestines, adding to the quantity of ten pounds of meat, a pound and a half of cheese of Parma, or of Pinto, and an ounce and a half of chopped cinnamon, and another ounce and a half of ground pepper, and an eighth of saffron, and half a glass of cool water, and three ounces of salt, and everything being well mixed, make the sausages with the membrane or the intestines, and cook them as we have said.
Diego Granado, Libro del Arte de Cozina, Spain, 1599

  1. Blend the salt and spices with the cold water to form a slurry.
  2. Add the slurry to the pork, and mix thoroughly.
  3. Stuff into hog casings, and twist into 4 inch links
  4. If not cooking the sausage within a day, freeze them.
  5. [Thaw and] grill sausages, as for bratwurst.


From the files of Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Jenne Heise), 2004