Plating Arrangements

Course Dish Plates Spoons
Starters Olives Soup size wooden (Silver Rylle) None
Figs Small Glass Bowls (Jenne) small
Eggs Plastic egg carriers in Baskets (Jenne) None
Mustard Metal Sauce Containers Tiny wooden ones (Jenne)

Metal Sauce Containers (Eisental)

Or Salt containers (Jenne

Cheese Small round plastic bowls (Eisental)  
Olive Oil, Vinegar Metal Sauce Containers (Eisental) None
Christian Manchet Rolls Baskets-- placed on tables by servers None
Salmon Baking dishes Metal flippers (Eisental?)
Spinach Oval Wood Bowls (Eisental) Short wooden Spoons (E)
Sausages Oval Metal Plates (Eisental) Skewers (buy!)
Barley Metal bowls, deep (Eisental) deeper spoons
Clarea Ceramic or metal pitchers  
Moorish Pitas Basket  
Rice Middle of Platter -- Oval Bowls (Eisental) Flat Spoon
Mukhallal of Beef Square Wood composite Bowl (Eisental) on Platter black plastic spoons
Garlicky Chicken Plate on Platter (Jadwiga) Wooden spoons
Lentils Small Deep Metal Bowl on Platter (Eisental) Wooden Spoons
Lemon Drink Plastic Pitchers (Eisental)  
Jewish Challah Platter (Eisental)  
Schmaltz Metal Sauce containers (eisental)  
Jewish Dish of Chicken Plate (Jadwiga) Flipper or flat spoon
Eggplant Shallow, largish wood composite bowl (Eisental) Flipper or flat spoon
Chickpeas round wood composite bowls deeper spoons
Chard Round bowl (eisental) flat spoon
Pomegranate drink Metal, Ceramic or Plastic pitcher  
Dessert Board Marzipan Copper Platter (Silver Rylle)  
Quince Paste Metal Platter (Eisental)  
Hais Platter (Eisental)  
Lemon Peel Bowl (Jadwiga)  
Candied Coriander Bowl (Jadwiga)