Convivencia, February 21, 2004

Plan of the Day

Early February

  1. Stuff Sausages (February 1)
  2. Make Hais
  3. Make spice blends
  4. Candy the coriander seeds
  5. Make sugar syrup for pomegranate drink
  6. Make syrup of lemons
  7. Buy barley grits
  8. Buy red wine vinegar- Restaurant Store
  9. Make mustard
  10. Make Towels
  11. Buy/Make Skewers

Saturday February 14:

Already gone to mom's

  1. Egg store:
    1. 15 dozen eggs?
  2. Shady Maple
    1. Marjoram
    2. Peppercorns
    3. Thyme
    4. Cloves
    5. Ginger
    6. Order Salmon
    7. Bread for crumbs- 4 loaves
  3. Discount stores
    1. Red Grapes?
    2. Bacon
    3. Extra Lentils
    4. Rice?
    5. Olive Oil?
  4. Make Mustard?
  5. Make Hais?

Need to find and pack:

Wednesday February 18:

  1. Price Rite: Sour Oranges
  2. Elias and Sam's markets:

Thursday, February 19

  1. Asian store:
    1. Mint
    2. Parsley
    3. Thyme
    4. Cilantro
  2. Meat Stop
    1. Lamb
    2. Beef
    3. Chickens?
  3. Produce Stop
    1. Eggplant
    2. Chard
    3. Spinach
    4. Peeled Garlic
    5. Onions?
  4. Trader Joe's
    1. Saffron
  5. Liquor Store
    1. Muscat Wine


Friday, Feb. 20

  1. Hard Boil Eggs
  2. Chop Cilantro. Baggie cilantro for dishes
  3. Peel and halve eggs
  4. Puree onions for eggs
  5. Make egg stuffing
  6. Stuff eggs & package
  7. Chop garlic. Bag for recipes
  8. Bake Challah/Rolls?
  9. Chop onions for chickpeas small
  10. Slice onions for chard
  11. Chop Gourds
  12. Wash and de-rib chard
  13. Chop Chard Ribs
  14. Cook Lentil Dish
  15. Soak Chickpeas
  16. Make Clarea syrup
  17. Grind leg of lamb
  18. Shred cheese for spinach
  19. Make cilantro tea for Eggplants
  20. Chop up beef into cubes
  21. Pick up Salmon
  22. Defrost chicken


Saturday, Feb. 21

8:00 am Pack Cars  
9:00 am Leave for site  
10:00 am Arrive at site, unpack  
10:30 am

Start chickpeas
Start figs

11:00 a.m.

Cook garlic chicken innards and stuff chickens

Peel chicken thighs

Make stuffing

11:30 am

Start beef
start roasting chickens
start chicken thighs with stuffing


Plate mustard
Plate olives
Plate Pitas
Plate olive oil and vinegar


Make almond milk
Parboil eggplants
Parboil Spinach


Parboil Chard
Cut up quince paste & plate
Hollow out eggplants


Squish and Chop Spinach
Cook Bacon
Reconstitute chicken broth

2:00 Start Barley with broth  
2:30 pm

Start Rice
Start Barley with Water


Plate Manchet rolls
Plate Challah & Schmaltz
Cut up bacon

3:30 pm

Fry chard, put in pans & oven
Heat up Lentils?
Make Lamb stuffing

4:00 pm

Prep pots for eggplant
Make eggplant pancakes


Start cooking eggplant
Sautee spinach, w/raisins, bacon. Add Almond milk
Sautee veg spinach with oil, raisins, add almond milk
Start cooking sausages
Open Roaster for garlicky chicken and rest it

4:45 pm

prep and cook salmon
Plate figs with spices
Plate eggs
Plate Lentils ?
Carve Garlicky chickens & Plate


Serve figs, eggs, mustard, olives, olive oil, vinegar
Add cheese to spinach and plate
Plate Sausage
Plate Barley
Make Clarea


Serve Barley, Salmon, Sausage, Spinach, Clarea, manchet rolls
Plate Rice
Plate Beef
Mix Lemon syrup drink
Plate eggplant sauce


Serve Rice, Garlicky chicken, Mukhallal of Beef, Lentils, Pitas, Lemon Drink
Plate Chickpeas
Plate and garnish Jewish Chicken
Make Pomegranate Drink
Plate eggplants
Pull Chard from ovens

6:10 Serve Jewish Chicken, Chickpeas, Chard, Eggplant stuffed with Lamb, Challah, Pomegranate Drink
plate coriander, hais, marzipan if necessary
6:15 Put out desserts  


From the files of Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Jenne Heise), 2004