Convivencia, February 21, 2004


al-Baghdadi p. 214/14, redaction by Cariadoc and Betty Cook

Take fine dry bread, or biscuit, and grind up well. Take a ratl of this, and three quarters of a ratl of fresh or preserved dates with the stones removed, together with three uqiya of ground almonds and pistachios. Knead all together very well with the hands. Refine two uqiya of sesame-oil, and pour over, working with the hand until it is mixed in. Make into cabobs, and dust with fine-ground sugar. If desired, instead of sesame-oil use butter. This is excellent for travellers.

  1. "We usually mix dates, bread crumbs, and nuts in a food processor or blender. For "cabobs," roll into one inch balls. Good as caravan food (or for taking to wars). They last forever if you do not eat them, but you do so they don't."

Make 2 or Three batches

This recipe excerpted directly from Cariadoc's Miscellany, 8th edition,

From the files of Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Jenne Heise), 2004