Convivencia, February 21, 2004

Jewish dish of Chard and onions

Inquisition report cited in A Drizzle of Honey

"Los viernes fasta . . su ama açelgas sancohadas en agua e despues ahogadas en aseyte e con çebollas, e allí, en el azeyte, reheruir; e despues echana allí su agua e pan rallado e espeçias y yemas de hueuos; e cozía fasía que se para muy espeso."
which Brighid ni Chiaran translates:
"On Fridays, her mistress made chard parboiled in water and then drowned in oil and with onions, and there, in the oil, boiled again; and then casting there her water and grated bread and spices and yolks of eggs, and cooked it until it became very thick."

  1. Grind spices together
  2. Wash and remove ribs from chard. (Reserve ribs for lentil dish)
  3. Parboil chard in boiling water 1-2 minutes
  4. Chop up onions into thin strips
  5. In a large skillet or skillets, pour oil, add chard and onions. Fry until onions are translucent
  6. Add water, followed by spices and enough breadcrumbs to season; mix in egg yolks. Add more breadcrumbs as necessary.
  7. Bake in oven at least 1/2 an hour on 325 or 350

In order to come up with a spice mixture that didn't re-use the ubiquitous cinnamon, I've thrown together some spices mentioned in the Andalusian cookbook and de Nola: pepper, grains of paradise, ginger (which appears everywhere), cardamom, and coriander (also ubiquitous) in Moorish cooking.

From the files of Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Jenne Heise), 2004