Conviencia 2 Menu
September 2, 2006

Olives * (purchased)
Lombardy sops (layered casserole of bread & cheese with broth) (bread, dairy, meat; vegetarian version available on request)
Sallat *
Figs in Wine


Fish with Orange Juice
Fried Millet Polenta (contains dairy; plain dairy free millet available) *
Cooked Salad of Lentils *
Garlic Chicken
Limonada (raisin-lemon-almond pudding) (nuts) [Vegetarian version available]
Parsley Dish (contains nuts, bread)*

Beverage: Jalab of Lemon Syrup 


Casserole of Pork
Rice cooked in the Oven (may contain eggs)*
Modern Pottage of Chard, served with parmesan on the side *
Moorish Eggplant (contains eggs, dairy) *
Carrot-Cheese Pie (contains dairy) *
Perada (pears in syrup) *

Beverage: Clarea de Agua

Food for Angels (Sweetened cheese with rosewater or orange flower water) *
Anise Biscotti (contains wheat) *
Peach Dish (contains meat broth)
Coriander comfits
Quince Paste * (purchased)
Fruit *
Jordan Almonds *(purchased)